Vijay Eswaran On How Leaders Can Stick To Resolutions

The CEO of QNET has pearls of wisdom when it comes to leadership and entrepreneurship. However, he is also a strong believer of the fact that for a leader, personal growth always precedes professional success. Leaders are people first and despite the fact that they want their team members to see them as superhumans in the face of adversity, leaders needs to have their own growth in mind before looking to achieve professional success in their field.

Over the years, QNET has benefited a lot from the lessons imparted by Vijay Eswaran during training sessions and global conferences. Here, he shares tips on how a leader can stick to resolutions and become a better person –

Have The Future Result In Front Of You At All Times – Most people respond better to visual cues. This is why all the great men from the past had their future goals visually presented to them. It is the reason why companies make their annual predictions on paper and have presentations for the same. The visual element simply helps to drill the point home and allows people to harvest every screed of motivation they can find within themselves in order to achieve their goals. This is why Vijay Eswaran recommends having a picture of the future result on the person at all times.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up For Failure; Start Over – It is understandable that great change cannot happen overnight and people fail. Failure is a part of life and instead of being afraid of it, Vijay Eswaran recommends using it as a motivational tool to achieve success. This is why when people fail, they shouldn’t beat themselves up over it – it is only human. Instead, they should start over and vow to do better next time. Such an approach is not just healthy but would lead to better results because it would allow some margin of error and would not end with complete giving up of ambitions.

Start With Small Changes – As a simple tip, Vijay Eswaran advises people to start with small changes. For instance, instead of giving up meat and going cold turkey, pick a day and don’t eat meat on that day. Then, after a month, change it to two days and finally, increase the frequency as the comfort level with the idea grows at a steady pace. Again, if a week results in failure, start again from the last milestone and promise to do better.

Ultimately, Vijay Eswaran thinks that it is all about how driven a person is towards their goals. These tips and tricks can only help those who are driven and motivated by their future goals. It helps to have the end result in mind for this reason.

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