The Quincy Apartments In New Brunswick, New Jersey Have A Crime-Filled History

New Brunswick, New Jersey is not the kind of city that makes the headlines in the New York Times or the Philadelphia Inquirer. New Brunswick sits halfway between Philly and the Big Apple, so the city is an important central New Jersey location for students who attend Rutgers, and for businesspeople who do business with Johnson and Johnson. Students also come to New Brunswick to enjoy the State Theater. But there is an element of crime lurking in New Brunswick’s inner-city, and the crime doesn’t want to go away. Gang members and criminals still rule certain areas of the city, and the Quincy Apartments near the Raritan River, New Street, and Liberty Street are a hotbed for crime, according to the New Brunswick Police Chief.

On Oct 7, 2015, police got the call they expect, but wish they didn’t, from a resident of the Quincy Apartments. The resident said gunshots rang out, and one person is down at Quincy Circle, a segment of the apartment complex that is a well-known hotspot for crime, according to police Captain J.T. Miller. On October 7, 2015, one person went to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot wound because of the violence that rules the apartment complex.

The Quincy Apartments are not an example of the thriving of the mentality that now controls the city. But just like other big Northern New Jersey cities, there will always be crime and shootings because New Jersey has a criminal history and a reputation for attracting undesirable characters who like to fly under the radar of the police department. The May 7, 2013, pizza man shooting incident is still fresh in the minds of Quincy residents. Residents of Quincy Circle, the Northern section of the complex, found themselves in the middle of a robbery and shooting when a pizza man was trying to deliver a pizza no one ordered. The pizza guy went back to his car when he found out no one wanted a pizza, but three armed men were waiting for him. The men took the pizza, and his money, and then one of the men shot him. Three men drove off, but one man didn’t escape. His cell phone records were his demise. The suspect was 21-one-year-old Parrish Wood. Wood got a prison sentence, but crime at the Quincy Apartments is still an issue for the residents and the police department.



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