Securus Technologies Implements Wireless Containment Systems For Public Safeguarding

Securus Technologies is a company that started out by providing communication services to inmates in prisons across the country. Today, the company has gone beyond to become a company that offers top-tier technological solutions that can help with public safety and can improve the functioning of the judicial system.


One of the most recent technological implementations that the company has been involved with was the new wireless containment systems that were installed. These systems worked in a way that provided prisons with the technology that could prevent the use of cellphones in prisons. These unauthorized cell phones could have serious consequences, not just on the inmates, but the public as well. In the past, there have been several instances where inmates made use of private cell phones that were unauthorized to communicate their criminal activity. Several reports started emerging of correctional officers being beaten up or harassed because of something that happened inside the prisons, which could only be carried out if the inmates were using a private line to carry out these communications and tell people to go after the officers.


Seeing all of this, Securus Technologies knew that something needed to be done so that the country didn’t have to continuously face this problem, which is what prompted them to start up the wireless containment systems in the prisons that they had tied up with. These systems worked to stop the network from reaching the cellphones inside the radius of the prisons. These systems prevented any cell phone from being used within the premises, which proved to be a more efficient way of tackling the problem at hand.


The implementation was something that was essentially needed in prisons across the country. By implementing this, Securus Technologies has once again ensured the safety of the people in America, and the proper regulation of inmates with the use of technology.


Technological advancement has always been one of the key points of the company and is something that Securus Technologies has been working towards since it first opened for business. The company believes in constantly upgrading and innovating so that they can offer nothing short of the very best, and stay ahead of their competition at the same time.


Securus Technologies has also recently implemented the inmate monitoring system and the drone control and prevention system so as to tackle the common issues that prisons face with their inmates. These measures can improve the way these prisons function, and can allow correctional officers to have an easier and more efficient way to monitor inmates and stop any illegal activities from taking place. Securus Technologies has also used their technology to support evidence that was needed in judicial trials for various cases.


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