Rocketship Education Addresses NPR Bloggers

The first Rocketship Education School opened its doors to young people more than ten years ago. The school was set up in one of the churches in the region. With so much work, the organization has been making remarkable progress in the community, and its leaders promise more because the institution is still a work in progress. The individuals who have established this school are working day and night to learn about the new ways they can serve their students and the rest of the community. These professionals know that although they have in the American educational department for a whole decade, there is still so much needed from them.

Many organizations envy the kind of progress that has been witnessed in the school. The management has effectively implanted a way of personalizing education, ensuring that the young children start acquiring their education even when at home. As the pioneers of modern personalized learning system in the US, Rocketship Education has managed to convince the rest of the world about getting involved in the lives of young ones who are in school. The school has also managed to step up the use of the latest technology to make learning in the institution as easy as possible. The progress has made the little ones brighter compared to the others in the society.

An NPR blogger has blasted the bumble the school has been enjoying. The blogger, who has been following the milestones in the school, questioned the school system through his article, and this has triggered so much controversy in the education stakeholders. The school management, however, wants the blogger to at least focus on the good things that the institution has been able to achieve. The issues that were highlighted are just some of the hardships the school has been dealing with, just like any other upcoming school in the competitive market. The school doesn’t want the article published to influence the teachers and parents who have been cooperating and helping the young people in learning. The school has already learnt many lessons from some of the challenges it has phased in the past.

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