Richard Mishaan’s Unique Designs

Richard Mishaan Design is one of the top design firms in New York. Richard Mishaan Design has ranked as the top architect in forty-five years in a row. The company was founded in February 1991 by Richard Mishaan. The firm has decorated a number of expensive homes in New York.


The Richard Mishaan Design advises people not to be afraid to use colors in their homes. Most men tend to prefer dull colors like black and grey over bright colors. It is better to go for white paint and grey sofa just to break the boredom. It is better to push furniture a few meters into the room instead of placing them against the wall. These techniques provide a good lounge or working area and is known as floating furniture. Richard Mishaan Design further advises that one of the best ways to cut your expenses when decorating on a budget is to buy a single unique and attractive piece of art that could be a painting or rug.


Richard Mishaan is the founder of Richard Mishaan Design firm. He is a world renowned interior designer. Richard was born in Cartagena, Columbia. Richard has a love for color, and his furniture is one of my favorite designs. One of his best designs is a Botero drawing without a protective glass layer in the living room. Richard Mishaan has a great understanding of quality and luxury. He has written two books on design- Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. Richard Mishaan likes to discover things by playing around with his decorations and settling for what works best. This is what makes his work unique and different each time. His main theme is individualization, and his main focus is meeting his client’s needs by working in the context of their lives and not forcing his. He also makes use of his high profile associates and friends to do his decors.


If you are interested in decor, it is a good idea to look up to Richard Mishaan.

Mishaan Statement

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