Proper Use of Heal and Soothe can Help Alleviate Joint Pains

     Many individuals experiencing persistent pain in the joints have tried the systemic enzyme oral formula Heal and Soothe to help reduce aches and inflammation. The supplement contains natural ingredients which include Proteolytic or protease protein substances, herbal extracts, L-Glutathione peptide that come from amino acids, and Vitamin E. Reports say Heal and Soothe enzymes can address impairment of soft tissues and provide some relief from pain.

How the Supplement Works

According to several online testimonials, people from different countries worldwide admit using this systemic enzyme supplement. Systemic means the enzymes or biocatalysts work fast in organs and systems throughout the body. Enzymes like the Heal and Soothe formula form the initial line of protection against swelling or tenderness. These drugs can counteract inflammation’s bio-chemicals to certain levels where the formation and restoration of injured tissues happen.

The reduction of swelling can produce immediate effects on favorable conditions such as a healthy heart, probable prevention of cancer, recovery from chronic ailments, and deterrence of memory loss. The manufacturer of Heal and Soothe maintains the supplement can hasten recovery from surgery, pains in the joints, sprains, fractures, and bruises. Systemic enzymes can help boost healing without side effects compared to Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like Aspirin as well as prescription medicines intended for pain relief.

Aside from said effects, enzymes found in Heal and Soothe can facilitate the breaking down of scar tissues as well as blood-thinning. If it works, the supplement can reduce risks of cardiovascular disorders and stroke. Finally, it helps promote immune responses to fight certain infections in the body.

Potent Natural Ingredients and Company Information

Heal and Soothe contain powerful natural pain remedies which include Turmeric, Ginger, Boswellia, Bromelain, and many more. Living Well Nutraceuticals sells Heal and Soothe. The National Enzyme Company manufactures this supplement. Healthy Back Institute, a health and wellness advocate, based in Austin (Texas), supports Living Well Nutraceuticals. The manufacturer claims Heal and Soothe does not cause addiction, liver illness, or damage to the kidneys provided you consume the right dosage.

Consumers can get the Heal and Soothe for only $2 daily and get a boost in mobility as well as relief from stiff and painful joints. Buyers of Heal and Soothe can look forward to free delivery by choosing the “Buy 4, Get 2 Free” option with six months warranty. Check out the website of Progressive Health at for additional details.


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