Louis Chenevert Career’s and Subsequent Success

Louis Chenevert is considered to be among the most successful Canadian businessmen in the world. Many people know him as the former chairperson and chief executive director of a company called United Technologies Corporation. The businessman did a lot when serving in this institution, and this is why he has become so popular in the world. Before joining the prestigious company, Louis was working in an institution called Pratt and Whitney as the president. However, he felt that he wanted to go and look for greener pasture in other institution. While serving in the Canadian branch for more than six years, the businessman proved to the world that he had all the qualities of a leader.

During his tenure, the international company grew significantly, and it registered high profits. While serving at Pratt and Whitney, the successful technologist managed to increase the clients. The financial position of the institution changed for the better too. In the year 2006, the businessman was offered an opportunity to work as the chairman of UTC, a role he took seriously.

In the year 2012, the business council in the international company announced that they had chosen to nominate the businessman to take the position of vice chairman in the executive committee. In the year 2015, the businessman was fortunate to acquire a position at Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division. As the exclusive advisor of the institution, the businessman brought a lot of changes in the institution. According to close sources, the businessman assisted very many entrepreneurs to seek opportunities and make huge profits in vast industries such as industrial and aerospace.

While serving at UTC, however, the businessman is believed to have done so much, balancing the needs of the shareholders, customers and stakeholders. The institution maintained the position of a leader in the competitive market because of the great achievements of the businessman. The businessman was given several awards during his tenure as president of the successful technology company. People who are close to him say that the investor has been doing well because he has embraced the latest and best technology in all his operations.

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