Jeunesse Global introduces first mind-enhancing energy drink

When Jeunesse Global was formed in 2009, founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis knew that they wanted to create a different kind of company. The couple had already been responsible for creating dozens of some of the most successful direct marketing firms of health and beauty products. They had long been independently wealthy and were not primarily concerned with making more. They did, however, want to make a positive change in the world, creating great products that answered theretofore ignored market needs and giving people across the globe real economic opportunities.

Ray and Lewis had almost perfect complementary skill sets. As one of the top direct marketers in the United States, Ray was able to quickly put together a great business plan, which he was able to immediately begin presenting to some of the top distributors across the globe. This ability to bring in some of the top direct-marketing talent early on in the company’s life was a key factor in the phenomenal growth that Jeunesse would later experience.

By the same token, Lewis was able to rapidly begin putting together a catalogue of some of the most unique and effective products that the global health and beauty sector had seen in decades. This was a result of her extensive experience in the industry, having been responsible for leading the development of hundreds of new products for the couple’s prior entrepreneurial efforts.

One of the products that Jeunesse was able to eventually bring to market, the result of years of original research and development, has been its M1nd mental-enhancing energy drink. M1nd is one of the first substances in drink form that have ever been scientifically shown to increase the ability of users to concentrate, perform certain cognitive tasks and stay alert and focused.

Designed for the busy professional, M1nd has received rave reviews from users, with many stating that the drink has markedly increased their ability to perform on a sustained basis throughout the workday. The drink is also reported to be great-tasting. It contains a proprietary mind-enhancing substance known as Cera-Q, which has been proven to enhance mental performance. M1nd is available only through authorized Jeunesse distributors.

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