George Soros comes to see wealth as a mean to effecting positive changes

For the first 25 years of his life, George Soros had seemingly no interest whatsoever in the accumulation of wealth. Instead, the future billionaire was intensely interested in the study of philosophy and academic life in general. After getting nearly straight As in high school, Soros decided to enroll at the London School of Economics, one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the world.

There, he studied under the famous philosophy professor Karl Popper, who gained worldwide recognition for his seminal work ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies’. This period ignited a passion for the life of the mind in the young Soros that would persist for the entirety of his life. Soros was eventually able to receive a Master of Science in Philosophy degree, qualifying him to be a professor of philosophy. But he would first have to find a professorship that was open and follow his Twitter.

Upon graduation, Soros spent five years working menial jobs and sending in his resume to colleges all across the globe. In the early ‘50s, there were precious few professorships available, with many qualified professors being turned out at a rapid rate due to soldiers coming home from the war and taking advantage of college tuition programs like the GI Bill. This meant the Soros had a difficult time finding a suitable job for someone of his talents. He spent over half a decade working menial jobs, such as being a traveling salesman and even working as a cashier at a grocery store. After five years had elapsed, Soros decided to he had enough. He went to work on Wall St and read full article.

Soros was quickly hired at the firm. Now in his late twenties, Soros had never even considered working on Wall Street. It was simply a matter of serendipitous circumstance that he ever got a job as a financier. But this first job would mark a profound change in the course of his life. It set him off on a route that would eventually take him to the absolute top of the financial world, allowing him to become one of the richest people on Earth and contact him.

One of the things that convinced Soros that pursuing a career in finance would be a good move was when he realized that many of the people he worked with had more power to actually effect changes in the world then all of the professor’s he ever ran into at college. Even though many of these people did not have a philosophical bent, as did he, Soros saw that they were able to make tremendous differences through their ability to donate money to charitable causes of their choice. Soros immediately saw that, if he were able to acquire a large amount of wealth, he would be in a far more powerful position to make real changes in the world than 10,000 professors and learn more about George.

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