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Anyone who does not know who Dick and Betsy DeVos are is in the minority nowadays, as Betsy DeVos has become the new Education Secretary for President Donald Trump. However, she is not necessarily in agreement with everything he does. Soon before he shut down a policy that was in favor of LGBT students using restrooms of their choices when they were at school, Betsy DeVos met with a representative of LGBT faculty members at the school in order to apprise them of what was about to happen. It was reported broadly that Betsy DeVos herself had opposed his decision, although there was no mention of a rift or conflict within the Trump Administration.


However, although Betsy DeVos is quite stoic and polite in public, she has made a reputation for herself as being anything but meek and polite. She has fought a great deal for causes that she seems to hold close to her heart, particularly in relation to education. She has used all of the resources that she has had at her disposal, including her family’s money, to fight for these causes. She is known to be a leading advocate when it comes to school vouchers and charter schools, in addition to everything that she and her husband have both done for the Republican Party both in the state of Michigan and in the United States at large.


On the surface, it appears that Betsy DeVos entered her current position as Education Secretary at somewhat of a disadvantage. She did not have experience with national politics or President Trump. However, given her history, people who are familiar with her do not expect her to be a meek part of the government but do expect her to exercise an influence, as she always has in the past when she had the opportunity to do so.


Betsy DeVos, who is now 59 years of age, grew up in the city of Holland, Michigan. Both Betsy and her husband have inherited a large amount of money from their respective families, and they have used all of the resources they have been given to advocate for education and other causes of choice. Both Betsy DeVos and her husband had private educations and relatively little connection to public schools, including public colleges. Many would say that this means that they don’t have a good understanding of issues that average families run into when they are trying to pay for private education for their children. However, Betsy DeVos has taken this up as one of her major causes, trying to get school vouchers to these families and children so that they can attend the schools of their choices rather than being forced to attend public schools.


Although Betsy DeVos has experienced some failures, such as having Constitutional Amendments that were sponsored by her and her husband rejected, she has had a lot of success, as there are now 24 states, along with Washington DC, that have school voucher programs that benefit families of lower income status.


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