Adam Milstein the Man Changing Lives

Most people are unfamiliar with current Commercial Real Estate executives. Their names mean nothing to most people. Some things set Adam Milstein apart from the mass of faceless executives. It’s his dedication and interest in making the world a better place. His story is similar to thousands of others if not for his choices later in life.


Adam Milstein was born in Israel and served in the Military during the Yom Kippur War. He moved to the United States in the eighties. His first education was at the Technicon, so now in the US, he could study for his Master’s degree. He went to USC and after graduating started his career in Real Estate.


At the moment he works at the Hager Pacific Properties where he is a managing partner. This company invests in real estate and more often – commercial plots.


His time in the Military, his family values and his outlook on life created the Adam Milstein people know today. He is a passionate philanthropist. He Co-founded the Israeli-American Council, and he currently serves as their National Chairman.


He first decided to go for it on his own when recruiters offered him jobs for less money than undergraduates were offered. His life experience was already extensive, so he decided to ditch the traditional job market and started work in Real Estate. Now he is a successful investorHis days used to be quite chaotic when he first started, but now they have a different structure. One of the reasons he began his philanthropic activities was to help others and make his day more interesting and satisfying.


He enjoys the ups and downs of the real estate market, which is never standing still. He is consistent and not afraid to take risks, making him an excellent leader and good role model for up and coming entrepreneurs who are just starting out in the business.


Adam Milstein lives by three principles of Active Philanthropy, life path impact and philanthropic synergy It means spending money but also donating time and energy for projects that would not be possible otherwise. Connecting with people and providing them with resources to make their lives better is another principle.

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