Adam Milstein: Good Leadership Will Save Israel

Adam Milstein is a successful self-made businessman that proves that anyone can make a difference. He has used his success to create the Adam Milstein Foundation. The organization serves as a non-profit business that donates more than $1 million per year for companies that provide adequate healthcare services to the Israel and Jewish communities. Adam Milstein is also known to as a Pro-Israel Activist and author on the oppression of Jews. Being Jewish himself, Adam is very familiar with the struggles that Jews face on a daily basis. His goal is to make a positive difference in them.

One particular article found on the Times of Israel platform discusses the need for strong Jewish leaders. The article, “Diaspora Jews Will Rise to Meet Our Challenges with Israel in Our Hearts,” is a great comparison article that provides excellent awareness that the Jews can conquer anti-Semitism. Good leadership is needed for positive change. Radicals are at their peak of executing efforts that threaten to overthrow the state of Israel. These efforts are fueled by hate, racism, and bigotry. Adam Milstein’s purpose for this article is to inform Jews that they can succeed and save Israel. People who share the passion of keeping Israel as a state need to be innovative and hard working. However, leaders are not able to make positive changes alone. They need supporters that are willing to follow through with plans and actions. Leaders have to have a high level of strength to lead Jews to success. Sadly, a leader that is working to conquer anti-Semitism will face adversity. Being able to make difficult decisions in the midst of facing ridicule is a necessity.

The only way that they will be able to do so is with support. Leaders are not just born; they are developed. For a purpose as big as saving Israel, the only leaders that will be successful are the leaders who have been invested in. Adam Milstein discusses how he meets many prospective leaders in his line of work. He knows that all they need is support, motivation, and the will to succeed to put a stop to Radical efforts to destroy Israel.’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists

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