Traveling Vineyard Offers Amazing Working Deals From Home

Most wine lovers would agree that nothing beats the feeling of having red wine in the company of great friends and family. Coupled with a great set up, the evening has been made in most ways. That is what Traveling Vineyard offers clients. The company was established with the objective of providing job opportunities to people who prefer to make the extra coin from the comfort of their homes. For mothers especially, Traveling Vineyard is a life changing organization. What is more, the experience offers such people an opportunity to make friends virtually and Traveling Vineyard’s lacrosse camp.



For people who would like to hold wine tasting events, Traveling Vineyard is a phone call away. The organization has a team of qualified professionals to handle such events. From exquisite centre pieces to dashing wine glasses that border style and taste, the organization understands your taste and the theme of the event prior to decorating the venue. It is through the interactive moments that the team gets to understand its clients. Having trained wine guides, Traveling Vineyard is blessed with some of the best teams that offer valid advice concerning the right wine for the event in place and what Traveling Vineyard knows.



If you would like to join this amazing organization as a service provider, it has never been this easy. Traveling Vineyard has membership details on the website. All it takes is the interest to be part of them. What follows is a training session that orientates a member to the process of being a wine guide. The session is an open guide to being a professional wine guide that can give advice to clients. Through this session, you will learn how to reach out to clients online. You will also the value of etiquette when dealing with clients. That is perhaps that most vital part of the session and more information click here.



As a direct selling firm, Traveling Vineyard has invested in proper communication channels for clients. What sets it apart from other direct selling companies is its ability to offer reward points in addition to the salary. This is a bonus that must keep job seekers flocking to the direction of membership. Depending on the sales accrued, the wine guides are entitled to reward points. The points can be redeemed through designer purse and exotic cruise. If you are a mother and would like to be part of your child’s life while growing up, Traveling Vineyard is the best place to grow in. It offers maximum returns and experiences through amazing offers and deals and their Instagram.

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George Soros comes to see wealth as a mean to effecting positive changes

For the first 25 years of his life, George Soros had seemingly no interest whatsoever in the accumulation of wealth. Instead, the future billionaire was intensely interested in the study of philosophy and academic life in general. After getting nearly straight As in high school, Soros decided to enroll at the London School of Economics, one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the world.

There, he studied under the famous philosophy professor Karl Popper, who gained worldwide recognition for his seminal work ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies’. This period ignited a passion for the life of the mind in the young Soros that would persist for the entirety of his life. Soros was eventually able to receive a Master of Science in Philosophy degree, qualifying him to be a professor of philosophy. But he would first have to find a professorship that was open and follow his Twitter.

Upon graduation, Soros spent five years working menial jobs and sending in his resume to colleges all across the globe. In the early ‘50s, there were precious few professorships available, with many qualified professors being turned out at a rapid rate due to soldiers coming home from the war and taking advantage of college tuition programs like the GI Bill. This meant the Soros had a difficult time finding a suitable job for someone of his talents. He spent over half a decade working menial jobs, such as being a traveling salesman and even working as a cashier at a grocery store. After five years had elapsed, Soros decided to he had enough. He went to work on Wall St and read full article.

Soros was quickly hired at the firm. Now in his late twenties, Soros had never even considered working on Wall Street. It was simply a matter of serendipitous circumstance that he ever got a job as a financier. But this first job would mark a profound change in the course of his life. It set him off on a route that would eventually take him to the absolute top of the financial world, allowing him to become one of the richest people on Earth and contact him.

One of the things that convinced Soros that pursuing a career in finance would be a good move was when he realized that many of the people he worked with had more power to actually effect changes in the world then all of the professor’s he ever ran into at college. Even though many of these people did not have a philosophical bent, as did he, Soros saw that they were able to make tremendous differences through their ability to donate money to charitable causes of their choice. Soros immediately saw that, if he were able to acquire a large amount of wealth, he would be in a far more powerful position to make real changes in the world than 10,000 professors and learn more about George.

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Adam Milstein the Man Changing Lives

Most people are unfamiliar with current Commercial Real Estate executives. Their names mean nothing to most people. Some things set Adam Milstein apart from the mass of faceless executives. It’s his dedication and interest in making the world a better place. His story is similar to thousands of others if not for his choices later in life.


Adam Milstein was born in Israel and served in the Military during the Yom Kippur War. He moved to the United States in the eighties. His first education was at the Technicon, so now in the US, he could study for his Master’s degree. He went to USC and after graduating started his career in Real Estate.


At the moment he works at the Hager Pacific Properties where he is a managing partner. This company invests in real estate and more often – commercial plots.


His time in the Military, his family values and his outlook on life created the Adam Milstein people know today. He is a passionate philanthropist. He Co-founded the Israeli-American Council, and he currently serves as their National Chairman.


He first decided to go for it on his own when recruiters offered him jobs for less money than undergraduates were offered. His life experience was already extensive, so he decided to ditch the traditional job market and started work in Real Estate. Now he is a successful investorHis days used to be quite chaotic when he first started, but now they have a different structure. One of the reasons he began his philanthropic activities was to help others and make his day more interesting and satisfying.


He enjoys the ups and downs of the real estate market, which is never standing still. He is consistent and not afraid to take risks, making him an excellent leader and good role model for up and coming entrepreneurs who are just starting out in the business.


Adam Milstein lives by three principles of Active Philanthropy, life path impact and philanthropic synergy It means spending money but also donating time and energy for projects that would not be possible otherwise. Connecting with people and providing them with resources to make their lives better is another principle.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Strives To Make Bradesco Number One

Throughout his career, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has striven to be the best at what he does an to create the best results for his firm. He has been single-handedly responsible for transforming many departments of Bradesco from insignificant businesses into huge profit centers. And he has steadily risen through the ranks, proven himself a capable and visionary leader again and again.

But Trabuco’s rise to the post of CEO has proven to be one of his biggest challenges to date. He has faced a difficult macroeconomic environment, where organic growth is hard to come by and prospects for acquisition have largely been already consumed, whether by competitors or by Bradesco itself. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco continues to follow his unique vision. Over the last two years, the stock price has more than doubled. And his 2015 acquisition of HSBC Brazil is the largest such transaction in Brazil’s history. It has also positioned the company to be a ferocious competitor in the years to come.

From the mail room to the boardroom

Although Trabuco didn’t literally start out in Bradesco’s mail room, he did start out at one of the lowliest positions in the company: bank teller. Trabuco started working for the firm in 1969, at the age of just 18. He quickly drew the attention of his superiors for his competence and ease at learning new tasks. He was a natural leader. And before long, Trabuco was given his first management roles, first as a shift manager, then as a branch manager.

By the 1980s, he had put himself through school, earning a master’s degree in social psychology, and he was heading the regional operations for Bradesco, which had now grown into a major player in the state of Sao Paolo’s financial industry. In 1984, he was made head of the firm’s marketing department. By that time, the young executive had 15 years of experience in the banking industry and was a recently minted graduate from one of the best schools in Brazil. That, mixed with his own administrative talent, would prove to be a potent combination.

Throughout the 80s, Trabuco transformed the bank’s relationship with the media, which, until then, had been problematic. He started cultivating positive relationships with journalists and local media outlets. He also started engaging in public relations efforts. All of this paid off. By the early 1990s, Grupo Bradesco was a national player in the financial space.


In 1992, Trabuco was promoted again, this time to the presidency of the company’s financial planning division. Here, he had a chance to put some of his contrarian theories to the test. Trabuco understood, to an extent his superiors did not, that the banking industry is largely a commodity business. It is extremely difficult to gain a significant edge over the competition competing on the end product alone. Trabuco wanted to start distinguishing Bradesco as having the highest level of customer service in the industry, especially for its most valuable clients.

This theory proved lucrative. Throughout the 90s, Trabuco grew the financial planning division from a small portion of the firm’s total business into a unit accounting for more than 25 percent of the company’s profits. This enormous success was duly noticed by the corporation’s top brass. In 2003, he was again promoted, this time to the head of the company’s insurance department.

At Bradesco Seguros, Trabuco once again was able to significantly grow the business under his charge, leading to sales more than doubling. He grew the insurance division until it became the largest provider of retail insurance policies in the country. By 2009, all of these successes conspired to make Trabuco into the leading candidate to replace outgoing CEO Mario Cypriano.

In 2009, Trabuco was named CEO of Grupo Bradesco. Although his tenure as CEO has been rockier than some may have expected, he has repositioned Bradesco as the leading financial institution in Brazil. The firm’s future is as bright as it’s ever been.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco, just click here.

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Ricardo Tosto- Developing a Breed of Quality Lawyers in Brazil

Brazil was ranked in 2010 as the country with the third highest number of lawyers. The USA came in second, and India topped the list. This was not just because Brazilians love doing law and want to become lawyers but because of the numerous law schools in the country. Brazil has the largest number of law schools than the other two countries combined.

The number of registered lawyers in the country is 800,000, but if all law students are to be approved, then there would be approximately 3 million lawyers. Brazil has 1,240 courses of law where as the number of law courses in the rest of the world is 1,100 and more information click here.

In 2014, the minister of education for Brazil announced inspections in the law universities to ensure all of their courses were well organized. This was intended to reduce the number of law students that were not approved.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the exceptional lawyers who hail from Brazil. Ricardo Tosto received his bachelors in law from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He then studied further to receive an Extension in business Administration from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. After his completing his studies, Ricardo Tosto and some of his associates decided to start their own law firm in April 1991. This law firm is called Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados and is still operational up to date and contact him.

Ricardo Tosto has dealt with numerous high profile cases over the years. He has worked in defence of personalities, major companies, both Brazilian and multinational groups, and for both politicians and pro bono for non-Governmental organizations and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

Ricardo maintains a place of honor in his office and encourages his team to always practice “good combat”. By objectivity and agility, he trained many of the current associates of his firm who joined as trainees. He also directly supervises the most important cases assigned to his firm. At Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados, Ricardo Tosto is known to formulate strategies and give clarifications when there is doubt and his Linkedin.

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Adam Milstein: A Man with a Lasting Legacy

Adam Milstein is an American pro-Israel philanthropist who has experience both in the profit and non-profit worlds. His love for Israel is profound and unwavering. Truly, it is no exaggeration when one says Israel is part of his blood, soul, and heart. Adam Milstein is a brave man who served in the Yom Kippur War. He was born and raised in Haifa. Adam’s focus and determination in his education saw him leave his native home and move to the United States of America in 1981. While in the United States, he joined the University of Southern California business school.


Adam Milstein did not take long to establish himself in the entrepreneurial market. He made his mark in Los Angeles as a premier real estate investment manager. He and his wife would later initiate the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This foundation gave helpful and charity services to firms who had dedicated themselves to mending and improving the relationship between the United States of America and Israel and also to empower the Jews people.


Adam Milstein has a unique philosophy of philanthropy. He offers more to it than just little financial support. He makes use of a hands-on approach that aims at helping the firms that partner to improve their influence and effectiveness. The Milstein’s Family Foundation dedicates enough time to all the projects undertaken by the firm. This only validates their dedication to improving philosophy. By mobilizing the pro-Israel organizations with similar objectives, the Foundation ensures they reach audiences. Adam Milstein and his foundation also focus on the life path impact. This is done through the development of programs that will ensure that all their target audiences can be active members of their organization all through. The programs formed are for people of all age groups including children, youths, and even the aged. These ensure that all Jewish and Israeli Americans are well monitored and remain connected.

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Richard Mishaan’s Unique Designs

Richard Mishaan Design is one of the top design firms in New York. Richard Mishaan Design has ranked as the top architect in forty-five years in a row. The company was founded in February 1991 by Richard Mishaan. The firm has decorated a number of expensive homes in New York.


The Richard Mishaan Design advises people not to be afraid to use colors in their homes. Most men tend to prefer dull colors like black and grey over bright colors. It is better to go for white paint and grey sofa just to break the boredom. It is better to push furniture a few meters into the room instead of placing them against the wall. These techniques provide a good lounge or working area and is known as floating furniture. Richard Mishaan Design further advises that one of the best ways to cut your expenses when decorating on a budget is to buy a single unique and attractive piece of art that could be a painting or rug.


Richard Mishaan is the founder of Richard Mishaan Design firm. He is a world renowned interior designer. Richard was born in Cartagena, Columbia. Richard has a love for color, and his furniture is one of my favorite designs. One of his best designs is a Botero drawing without a protective glass layer in the living room. Richard Mishaan has a great understanding of quality and luxury. He has written two books on design- Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. Richard Mishaan likes to discover things by playing around with his decorations and settling for what works best. This is what makes his work unique and different each time. His main theme is individualization, and his main focus is meeting his client’s needs by working in the context of their lives and not forcing his. He also makes use of his high profile associates and friends to do his decors.


If you are interested in decor, it is a good idea to look up to Richard Mishaan.

Mishaan Statement

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Orange Coast Row team is going to the top

Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 but was not able to start its classes until 1948. Since the college began they have been able to grow into one of the nations largest and one of the finest colleges established. Currently the college is able to enroll over 25,000 students each semester.


There is well over 135 academic and career programs that is offered at Orange Coast. The nations finest and largest public nautical program is said to be found at OCC. Over half the students that are on campus at Orange Coast is enrolled in one of the career and technical programs.


Among the rankings of the transfers in Orange County’s Community Colleges, OCC comes in first verses the University of California and California State University Systems. Thousands of students over the past decade have transfered from OCC to UC and CSU campuses. After attending OCC many students have gone on to private colleges and universities around California and across the nation.


One of the biggest sports offered at Orange Coast would have to be Rowing. The sport is said to consist of multiple structures including: unity, grace and also lots of power. The sport consist of nine team members each that have to work together as a team to make sure that all their rows are in line together.


Thursday, May 25, the Orange Coast row team is set to leave for their nationals which is set to take place at Lake Lanier, GA. The captain of the team is none other then 22 year old, Daniel Amando. Amaando was able to start rowing in highschool but was set back a little when he unfortunately broke a disk in his back. After only one short year though he was able to return back to the rowing team and hopes to take the team all the way to the top.


Follow Orange Coast College on twitter.

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Groupon Founder Eric Lefkofksy’s New Mission: Creating Data-Driven Cancer Treatment

Eric Lefkofksy might be known for creating Groupon, the online backbone of the best local deals. However, according to Jim Dalke’s article in ChicagoInno titled “Eric Lefkofsky’s Self-Funded Mission to Cure Cancer Through Data”, the serial entrepreneur is about to shake up the medical industry.

Mr. Lefkofsky created company after an incredibly confusing and disheartening experience. His wife was diagnosed with cancer. As they went from doctor to doctor, it became clear that the data necessary for an informed decision simply wasn’t available. The treatment did not seem personalized and Lefkofksy decided a change was necessary and learn more about Eric.

Mr. Lefkofsky created Tempus as a solution to this issue. By making a library consisting of previous cancer patient’s molecular compositions and an operating system that interprets it, doctors will be able to create a personalized treatment plan for their current patients. The patients have their genomes sequenced in the lab and it is then lined up with the molecular information of other cancer patients. At that point, Tempus creates a report for the doctors and provides access to the operating system to create a precise treatment plan.

Though he has great hopes for Tempus, starting a new company was not at the top of his to-do list. At this point in his career, he was not looking for all the pressure and stress that is inherent in building a successful startup. However, he has invested much of his own fortune to keep Tempus self-funded, which allows it to outpace competitors who are reliant on outside funding and more information click here.

He hopes that Tempus will be one of the most successful of his businesses because of the possible impact on people’s lives. He claims that the technology could be “the most disruptive model I’ve ever seen.” Though it may take years to measure the success of the treatment options based on the data, it has the potential to save lives and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

The company established partnerships with some of the healthcare industry’s biggest hitters such as the University of Chicago, the Mayo Clinic, the University of Michigan, and Northwestern University.

Eric Lefkosky has been a successful entrepreneur since 2006. He has co-founded companies in a variety of different industries like predictive analytics, marketing, venture capital, and local commerce.

He is also dedicated to a variety of philanthropic causes. He co-founded the Lefkofksy Foundation with his wife to support education, science, and more than 50 other organizations. He is also a part of The Giving Pledge.

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