Jeunesse Will Make Us Young Again

Jeunesse Global is a sales and distribution platform for anti-aging skincare products and nutritional supplements. The company promotes dietary supplements and skincare solutions that are manufactured from natural sources. Their product lines work in synergy to produce a youthful appearance and to enhance well-being.


Their Youth Enhancement System (YES) uses natural ingredients and state-of-the-art technologies to create a full-spectrum solution to physical aging. Recent products target the internal aging process with solutions that attempt to reduce organ deterioration, enhance brain function, and promote the body’s efficient use of nutrients.


Reserve is an anti-oxidant fruit blend that is packaged in single-serving containers. It is designed to work with the anti-aging products to remove skin toxins that cause deterioration. The Mind supplement provides memory support and contains nutrients that enhance brain health. The Zen product line aims to eliminate toxins, and to reduce fat and inches, with regular use over a period of eight weeks.


Nevo, an energy drink that is sourced from natural ingredients worldwide, was named the Best New Consumer Product at the 2016 American Business Awards. It is available in four flavors, including Acai Grape, Peach Mango, Lemon Ginger and Mixed Berry.


Jeunesse is committed to supporting communities through the Jeunesse Kids program, which has adopted entire villages in rural China, Ecuador and Kenya. The goals of the program are to create a better life for all children through education, healthcare, the reduction of poverty, and the cessation of childhood exploitation.


The Jeunesse Kids program helps communities to establish crucial infrastructure such as schools, medical facilities, and a sanitary water supply. Jeunesse encourages program reach by supporting distributors who wish to create parallel programs in their local communities, and provides training materials and conference opportunities to assist with program development.


Jeunesse was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis and is headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida. The company has more than 700,000 distributors in over 130 countries worldwide. Jeunesse has 30 office locations in major cities across the globe. Its 8 management team members, including Mr. Ray and Ms. Lewis, provide leadership from the Florida office location.,19.htm

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Igor Cornelsen Tips to Maximize Your Profits in Stock Market Investment

It is universally known fact that investing in the stock market is risky, but it is also highly profitable if you are able to do proper research before investing. Igor Cornelsen, one of the noted investment advisor from Brazil, has helped many individuals get started with investing in the stock market. Even though it is a risky affair to invest in the stock market, Igor Cornelsen provides very strategic and tactical guidelines on how to invest and when to invest. Providing you with the fundamental tips on how to invest and which stocks to invest in, Igor Cornelsen would help you reduce the chances of suffering from loss while investing in the stock market. However, he does warn people about the risks associated with investing in the stock market.

Igor Cornelsen is an experienced finance professional and has worked for more than forty years with different financial organizations. It has helped Igor Cornelsen to understand the intricacies of banking, the stock market, and the financial world. The financial understanding and experience that he has gained are what he uses to provide people with the tips and tricks on what they can do to increase their profits and reduce risks. Identifying different investment opportunities and letting the clients know about it to help them with their financial planning is what Igor Cornelsen does.

Igor Cornelsen wants people to know that just investing in stocks is not enough; one has to do it for the long term. It is essential that people invest early so that they are purchasing the stocks at a low price and then earn in the coming years. Most people who have made a fortune in stocks have only done by obtaining the stocks for the long term and watching the companies to grow as well as their stocks.

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Retired CEO Of United Technologies Corp Louis Chenevert

Canadian born businessman Louis Chenevert was elected as the CEO and President of the United Technologies Corp in March of 2006, after having been with the company since 1993. He was put into the leadership role at UTC at a time when the US was going through a serious recession, but he was still successful at greatly raising the company’s shares. His strategy to maintain UTC’s stability in the market was to refrain from outsourcing its production, instead opting to bring in a crew of aeronautical engineers who could use their skills where they were most needed.

In 2010, Louis Chenevert became the 8th Chairman of the company, succeeding its previous one George David. After being given this position, he stated that he felt deeply honored and privileged to have it. United Technologies Corp is responsible for assembling some of the world’s most advanced military and commercial jet engines, and it also operates the biggest elevator and escalator company in the world, known as OTIS. During the time Louis Chenevert spent at UTC as its top executive, its annual income increased substantially, and he oversaw a philanthropic program that helped the employees of the company earn degrees in their chosen fields while the company assisted them with paying their bills.

Before joining UTC, Louis Chenevert was employed at General Motors for 14 years, and at Pratt and Whitney, where he was elected President in 1999, after being with the company for only 6 years. While at General Motors, he acquired Goodrich for around $18 billion after negotiating that deal for a year. The Quebec, Canada native has received a number of awards for his leadership skills in business, and for his philanthropy work. In 2011, he was named Person of the Year by Aviation Week and Space Technology. He is currently a Senior Advisor at Goldman Sachs Group in its Merchant Banking division, a position he was offered 10 months after leaving UTC. The exceptional entrepreneur is a resident of Hartford, Connecticut, where he is enjoying his retirement by spending more time pursuing his hobbies and living aboard his beloved 110 ft. yacht.

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Robert Deignan impact on the advancement of technology

Robert Deignan is the owner of ATS Digital Services. This is a firm that assists customers to troubleshoot a huge category of technology issues. Previously, he worked at a top management position at iS3. He pursued his education at Purdue University; where he graduated with a bachelor of Business Management. Technology has been his major interest, hence putting his resources and skills to build his own company.

Together with his team, Deignan has been able to develop the consumer support concerning the troubleshooting capabilities. His company offers truck rolls amenities to customer’s premises and businesses. The adjustments on networking are done on equipment such as phones, tablets, computers among others. Through Robert Deignan perspective, browsing videos, applications, and games have improved the ability of individuals to rely on technology.

Social media platforms have permitted people to link and communicate with others. Technology varies from the way people comprehend things. Individuals should acknowledge the significance of how to distribute different jobs on a daily basis. By reading different sources, people are able to enhance their thoughts and memory. Technology, on the other hand, develops reaction times and visual abilities. It is proper to know how to balance the two to enhance positivity.

Technology has built a wide variety of chances for technology practitioners. In addition, it has been able to assist in emergency health innovations. Through this, a lot of lives have been saved. Robert Deignan urges people to take control of the way they utilize technology to get the full potential from it. There are continuous adjustments that modernized devices were able to make in our daily operations. It is growing at a fast speed such that people are threatened by it because it could take their jobs in the future.

He insists that individuals should know how to operate with them instead of being against them. Operations that occur regularly like data entry are likely to be eradicated by automation in the forthcoming years. Renovation of transport through automation is another aspect that would save on costs for the clients and stakeholders. Self-driven vehicles would result to be an amenity for customers, but eliminating the drivers.

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Rocketship Education Addresses NPR Bloggers

The first Rocketship Education School opened its doors to young people more than ten years ago. The school was set up in one of the churches in the region. With so much work, the organization has been making remarkable progress in the community, and its leaders promise more because the institution is still a work in progress. The individuals who have established this school are working day and night to learn about the new ways they can serve their students and the rest of the community. These professionals know that although they have in the American educational department for a whole decade, there is still so much needed from them.

Many organizations envy the kind of progress that has been witnessed in the school. The management has effectively implanted a way of personalizing education, ensuring that the young children start acquiring their education even when at home. As the pioneers of modern personalized learning system in the US, Rocketship Education has managed to convince the rest of the world about getting involved in the lives of young ones who are in school. The school has also managed to step up the use of the latest technology to make learning in the institution as easy as possible. The progress has made the little ones brighter compared to the others in the society.

An NPR blogger has blasted the bumble the school has been enjoying. The blogger, who has been following the milestones in the school, questioned the school system through his article, and this has triggered so much controversy in the education stakeholders. The school management, however, wants the blogger to at least focus on the good things that the institution has been able to achieve. The issues that were highlighted are just some of the hardships the school has been dealing with, just like any other upcoming school in the competitive market. The school doesn’t want the article published to influence the teachers and parents who have been cooperating and helping the young people in learning. The school has already learnt many lessons from some of the challenges it has phased in the past.

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Vijay Eswaran On How Leaders Can Stick To Resolutions

The CEO of QNET has pearls of wisdom when it comes to leadership and entrepreneurship. However, he is also a strong believer of the fact that for a leader, personal growth always precedes professional success. Leaders are people first and despite the fact that they want their team members to see them as superhumans in the face of adversity, leaders needs to have their own growth in mind before looking to achieve professional success in their field.

Over the years, QNET has benefited a lot from the lessons imparted by Vijay Eswaran during training sessions and global conferences. Here, he shares tips on how a leader can stick to resolutions and become a better person –

Have The Future Result In Front Of You At All Times – Most people respond better to visual cues. This is why all the great men from the past had their future goals visually presented to them. It is the reason why companies make their annual predictions on paper and have presentations for the same. The visual element simply helps to drill the point home and allows people to harvest every screed of motivation they can find within themselves in order to achieve their goals. This is why Vijay Eswaran recommends having a picture of the future result on the person at all times.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up For Failure; Start Over – It is understandable that great change cannot happen overnight and people fail. Failure is a part of life and instead of being afraid of it, Vijay Eswaran recommends using it as a motivational tool to achieve success. This is why when people fail, they shouldn’t beat themselves up over it – it is only human. Instead, they should start over and vow to do better next time. Such an approach is not just healthy but would lead to better results because it would allow some margin of error and would not end with complete giving up of ambitions.

Start With Small Changes – As a simple tip, Vijay Eswaran advises people to start with small changes. For instance, instead of giving up meat and going cold turkey, pick a day and don’t eat meat on that day. Then, after a month, change it to two days and finally, increase the frequency as the comfort level with the idea grows at a steady pace. Again, if a week results in failure, start again from the last milestone and promise to do better.

Ultimately, Vijay Eswaran thinks that it is all about how driven a person is towards their goals. These tips and tricks can only help those who are driven and motivated by their future goals. It helps to have the end result in mind for this reason.

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Brilliant Bruno Fagali Career Of Greatness

Bruno Fagali is one of the most progressive young lawyers from Brazil, and he has been able to work for the success of his career with a lot of determination. He has been on the frontline working towards his career growth. With his young age, he has been able to venture into many activities aimed at promoting his career. His warm dedication and the pursuit of success have made him a great person, and he has always been on the frontline helping as many people as possible make it in their dreams.

Bruno Fagali drive and also ambition towards making Brazil a reliable business he has already begun to take shape. He has a passion for his work and has always been dedicated to making his life a success. Brazil has been able to work through a corruption-free environment because of the significant efforts being made by him. He is very optimistic about his career growth and has led so many people towards success. With the great help of him, Brazil has been able to work with honest and also ethical business practice. He has a lot of motivation for what he does and has got an obvious strategy aimed at helping the Brazil government manage to fight corruption.

Follow Bruno Fagali on Twitter

Globalization has been spreading, and the global economy has been improving daily. It is therefore prudent for these companies to maintain their reputations by being reliable, stable and also safe in the industry. This will help increase their ability to improve and even expand their values to greatness. The company’s level of exports must and are always evaluated so that they meet the global standards for the North American and also European markets. The Brazilian young lawyer has still made sure that the country enhances very stringent rules aimed at improving the business.

Bruno Fagali believes that Brazil can produce the best products that meet the standards. Products that can be used for benchmarking and this has helped him earn an excellent reputation in his career. He is now pushing for compliance in the country and has been passionate about his moves. As a lawyer, he understands everything required to make the more compliant.

Learn more about Bruno Fagali:

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Dick DeVos And Wife Betsy DeVos Keep Working To Change Grand Rapids For The Better

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy are a political power couple who have definitely made their mark on their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This highly intelligent couple knows exactly what solid leadership looks like and they certainly epitomize it. For them, effective leadership is exhibited with the following characteristics:


Leadership plans for the long haul and learns from the mistakes of others.


One of the most glaring examples of Dick DeVos fully exhibiting this principle would be in 1991 when a plan multi-purpose Sports and Convention Arena was planned in a Grand Rapids suburb. Dick DeVos and his wife were fully aware of what happened to destroyed when the Pistons and the lions went to Auburn Hills and Pontiac instead of staying in the Detroit downtown in the 1970s. Simply put, they knew they would have to do whatever possible to keep that same outcome from happening in Grand Rapids. DeVos immediately got on the phone and lobbied long and hard against where the planned construction was going to occur. To make a long story short, the arena was built in the downtown area instead of in the suburbs and Grand Rapids is on a much more solid footing because of Dick DeVos going to bat for them in 1991.


Leadership puts its money where its mouth is.


The DeVos Family Foundation has given away $138 million to such diverse causes as leadership programs, churches, Health and Human Service causes, arts and culture, and various policy initiatives that strongly support education reforms and labor laws. Dick and Betsy also gave away 12.5 million dollars as the leading donation to the construction of a 2006 children’s hospital that was named after Dick’s mother, Helen DeVos, wife of the Amway co-founder who was Dick’s father.


Leadership never gives up.


The DeVos family has definitely had their share of setbacks. For example, a constitutional amendment for vouchers for private schools in Michigan was rejected in 2000, and dick DeVos lost a costly race for governor against incumbent Jennifer granholm in 2006. However, they did not give up. Instead, they simply shifted their strategy to a Nationwide one. Instead of just fighting for vouchers for private schools and just the state of Michigan, they now fight throughout the country for them. This has actually led to Dick’s wife Betsy becoming president Trump’s education secretary. With the DeVos family at the helm, one thing is for certain: education will be vastly improved in this country.


To learn more, visit

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Waiakea Water Compared to Juice

One of the major factors with water is that a lot of people have different choices when it comes to beverages. Among the choices for beverages are water and juice. One of the interesting things about juice is that there are a wide range of juices that are available for people to consume. However, it should be considered that not all juices are healthy. Even some of the natural juices should be considered as an alternative to water as opposed to a replacement. The sugar content in juice is high. However, they do very little to help in other ways.


For people that are looking for the right type of water, Waiakea offers something that is much better than most juices. Waiakea water makes sure that people are getting the electrolytes they need. While some juices may have potassium, Waiakea has a pure beverage that is highly balanced in pH levels. It also has the electrolytes that are needed for people to function well and take care of everything they need for the day. This can help with different factors of health which includes cognitive function, weight management and other forms of health that the individual needs to take care of so that they will be able to function well.


One of the factors that may have people choosing juice over water is the taste. It is not just that juice tends to have a sweet taste, but also that some of the water has a contaminated taste to it because of the acidic nature. This can cause people to back away from water and choose juice. Waiakea tastes the way that water should taste. Therefore, people are not only going to enjoy this type of water, but they are also going to give themselves a boost in improving their physical health.


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Adam Milstein: Good Leadership Will Save Israel

Adam Milstein is a successful self-made businessman that proves that anyone can make a difference. He has used his success to create the Adam Milstein Foundation. The organization serves as a non-profit business that donates more than $1 million per year for companies that provide adequate healthcare services to the Israel and Jewish communities. Adam Milstein is also known to as a Pro-Israel Activist and author on the oppression of Jews. Being Jewish himself, Adam is very familiar with the struggles that Jews face on a daily basis. His goal is to make a positive difference in them.

One particular article found on the Times of Israel platform discusses the need for strong Jewish leaders. The article, “Diaspora Jews Will Rise to Meet Our Challenges with Israel in Our Hearts,” is a great comparison article that provides excellent awareness that the Jews can conquer anti-Semitism. Good leadership is needed for positive change. Radicals are at their peak of executing efforts that threaten to overthrow the state of Israel. These efforts are fueled by hate, racism, and bigotry. Adam Milstein’s purpose for this article is to inform Jews that they can succeed and save Israel. People who share the passion of keeping Israel as a state need to be innovative and hard working. However, leaders are not able to make positive changes alone. They need supporters that are willing to follow through with plans and actions. Leaders have to have a high level of strength to lead Jews to success. Sadly, a leader that is working to conquer anti-Semitism will face adversity. Being able to make difficult decisions in the midst of facing ridicule is a necessity.

The only way that they will be able to do so is with support. Leaders are not just born; they are developed. For a purpose as big as saving Israel, the only leaders that will be successful are the leaders who have been invested in. Adam Milstein discusses how he meets many prospective leaders in his line of work. He knows that all they need is support, motivation, and the will to succeed to put a stop to Radical efforts to destroy Israel.’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists

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